It is amazing to see how much my children have accomplished at Aux 3 Pommes! My two children started taking French at Aux 3 Pommes when they were three years old. Now ages 11 and 13, they are both speaking, reading, and writing in French at a very high level. I would recommend Aux 3 Pommes to anyone who is interested in foreign languages because I have been so impressed with the school’s offerings, level of customer service, and most importantly, with what my own children have accomplished through the school’s program. I know that the future my children can expect to enjoy is so much better because of all they have experienced Aux 3 Pommes, and no words can ever capture my sense of gratitude.

While the focus of the school is clearly language acquisition, the classes are structured in such a way that the children also develop their social and interaction skills. In addition, they are exposed through the target language to elements of music, poetry, history, culture, mathematics, reading and writing, and arts and crafts, providing them with an ideal interdisciplinary educational experience.

 -Sheryl Culotta


In our ever shrinking world, Aux Trois Pommes offers the opportunity to become a world citizen. Learning a new language or finding your skills in one you have studied in the past becomes a possibility for adult study. In my almost 2 years of studying French, I have honed my French skills with conversation, literature and laughter. Our small immersion class has become the highlight of my week!

 -Sandy Brand

I have been involved in the adult french class at Aux Trois Pommes for almost two years now and am thrilled with the program and our teacher. The class is conducted entirely in French. It’s a wonderful total immersion experience, which is the only way to learn a foreign language. We learn French as well as French culture in a warm and supportive environment. All of us have become great friends, and I would never miss a class!

 -Karen Schneider

I have taken a number of French courses during my life, but nothing like the French course taught at Aux Trois Pommes. Living in New York City part of the year, I thought that I could find the best of anything there. But my French course at Aux Trois Pommes has been the best. There is no English spoken and classes differ week to week to keep everyone interested. We write, read, play games, make presentations, eat lunch, go shopping, and generally have a lot of fun while learning French. There is never a reason to feel intimidated or embarrassed. Marie-Jose is an upbeat, patient person and a very fine teacher. I honestly hope to be taking this course forever.

 -Michalah Bracken

Learning a new language has ALWAYS been a dream of mine. And with the help Aux 3 Pommes and Sabrina, they helped my dream become a reality. The school and Sabrina were very accommodating around my schedule. My lessons were set up to give me as much info as I thought I could handle each week. I never felt pressured to learn. I always left class feeling so empowered and so proud of myself for the things I had/have learned. The only thing I wish was different was…I wish my classes with Sabrina could have been EVERYDAY! She was a joyous teacher to have. I’ll never forget her opening my eyes and brain to the beautiful French language.


Field Schools

Four A3P instructors from three language programs came to work with our kindergarten students as part of a unit on winter holidays in different religions, cultures, and parts of the world. Each activity included a short presentation about the holidays in Japan, France, and Italy, a craft, and a healthy amount of instruction in the local languages – and  all three activities were huge successes.

The Kindergarten teachers and I so appreciate the instructors’ work in preparing and executing lessons that truly expanded our students’ perspectives. They gave our students the sort of experience that they won’t soon forget, leaving them with a curiosity about the world that goes beyond just the single day of instruction. The one day of partnership was designed as a taste, but it left us all hungry for more.

 -Sam Purdy, Associate Director of Expeditions, Team Greenfield at Achievement First