Children’s Programs (ages 18 & under)

Our Winter/Spring 2017  semester starts January 9 2017  and ends on Saturday, June 10, 2017. Registration is ongoing throughout the semester, and tuition is prorated at the date of enrolment. There is a $25 registration fee per academic year. Tuition listed here is for the full semester.


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Full Term Fees

1-Hour Enrichment (once per week)*


($540 Monday Classes)

1.5 Hour Enrichment (once per week)*

($720 Monday Classes)

2 Hour Immersion (once per week)*

($900  Monday Classes)

2-Hour Immersion (twice per week)*

($1656 Monday Classes)

Children’s Private Lesson Options

Child Private Lesson (1 hour)**


Children’s Semi Private Lessons (1 hour)**

This is a customized class that is closed to other students.
$37.50 per hour

Parent/Child Private Lessons (1 hour)**
$65 (per hour)

                                                        * There is a 5% sibling discount

                                                 ** Billed as a semester payment that is calculated according to the number of classes scheduled.

Adult Programs (ages 19 & over)

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All Adult classes are billed in increments of 8

Group lessons (1.5 hours)
$45 per class

Private lesson (1 hour)
$50 per class

Corporate group lesson (1.5 hours on-site)
$70 per class

Corporate private lesson (1 hour on-site)
$100 per class