Valentina Dotsenko-Skedgell

skedgellI was born and raised in Ukraine, former Soviet Union Republic. At that time, the primary language there was Russian. So, I am a native Russian speaker.
At the age of 7, I discovered my great interest in teaching and found my first student – my 4 year old  brother. At home, after having my school homework done,
I used to teach him everything I learned myself at the school. When my brother entered the elementary school, he could read, write and count so well that by the end of the first semester he was rewarded a title “The best student of the school”…
I graduated from the Kiev University, in Economics, but my true passion for languages, poetry and music led me to a challenging path combining teaching, tutoring and performing experience. In 2002 I have moved to the US and lived in Guilford, CT since then. For the past 6 years I mostly worked as a private English tutor/translator for Russian speaking adults. And now, at the A3P school  I have a new and exciting opportunity to share my knowledge of Russian language, culture, traditions and customs with English speaking adults and children  who are interested to learn it.  All my life I loved learning and doing new things and never got to regret it! I believe the more we learn the more interesting and enriching our life is. Learning changed my destiny and made me who I am today – a teacher, a tutor,
a rewarded singer/guitarist, a Russian poet published in Ukraine and the USA. My creativity, enthusiasm and a love for teaching are now dedicated to my students’ educational  needs. So, I invite Everyone who wants to learn something new to my Russian class! Adults and children, from absolute beginners to advanced learners are all  welcome!
Добро пожаловать!
Valentina Dotsenko-Skedgell,