Swantje Kessler

KesslerHi, my name is Swantje Kessler. I am from Germany and moved to Guilford in March 2012. I am very excited about the opportunity to teach German at Aux 3 pommes.
I love the german language. It is very descriptive and we have those wonderful long words like “Schneeballschlacht ” and “Geburtstagskuchen”. We also have a couple of letters, no other language has, and they make those really funny and weird sounds when we talk. For students at reading age: you will be surprised how fast you will be able to read long german words. Once I have taught you the  few pronunciation rules, you will effortlessly tackle most of them and I promise I will come up with some really good ones. You will learn how to build sentences and how to express yourself. While learning this new language, I will also give you an insight into the German culture and the German way of live.

When my daughter went to elementary school I volunteered to be a classroom helper and helped teaching the kids how best to learn how to read and write. I did that for about 3.5 years twice a week grade one to four. I worked with small groups or one on one. I always enjoyed working with children and look forward to working with yours.