Marie-Jose Babouder-Matta

There is nothing new about children learning several languages. In most other parts of the world, it is the norm, not the exception. I grew up in a household where French, Arabic, English, Italian, German, and Spanish were spoken (my father was born in Trieste to an Austrian mother and a Spanish father, he was educated in England, and he lived in Lebanon for most of his adult life).

Over the years, I have had the good fortune of learning, both formally and informally several languages: French, Italian, Arabic, English, Greek, and Japanese. 

The idea of Aux3Pommes emerged out of the difficulty I faced in providing similar opportunities to my four children. When all my children were full time in school, I was asked to help design and teach the elementary French program at Our Lady of Mercy in Madison. It is my students’ reaction of enthusiasm, as well as their gratifying results, that inspired me to pursue this effort. I did go back to school and get a Teaching Certification in French.

Aux3Pommes is not only about “teaching,” it is about creating an environment where students uncover their ability to communicate and interact in other languages. We are confident that every child has the capacity to absorb as many languages as they are given the opportunity to be exposed to, as long as this takes place in a fun, engaging, and self-motivating setting. This is what we aim to create in every Aux3Pommes learning session. My hope is that Aux3Pommes becomes a shared vision that includes everyone who interacts and participates in the program: children, adult students, teachers, and parents.

Marie-José Babouder-Matta
Director, Aux 3 Pommes, LLC

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