We started in January 2001 in Branford with French and Japanese, and we have received enormous interest and support from students, parents, teachers, and community members since.

This encouraged us to start a partial immersion program in French in the summer of 2001, which also turned out to be a big success.

Our Spanish and Italian programs started in the Fall of 2001, with highly qualified and mostly native-speaking teachers who used the same interactive approach we applied in French and Japanese.

In March 2004 the school opened another Aux 3 Pommes on Audubon Street at 20 Lincoln Way. Meanwhile,due to the increasing enrollment, we moved our Branford school to the Guilford Green and our Audubon location to State Street where we are still expanding.

We also developed partnerships with public schools, daycares, preschools and private schools. We are currently offering 10 languages.

In 2009, we created A3P, the adult division of Aux 3 Pommes. The increasing demand for our adult programs has led us to separate the adult division from the children’s. In addition to group lessons and private lessons at our locations, A3P also offers corporate lessons at the company’s site.
 Our latest addition is a Travel Program geared to prepare adults who enjoy exploring the world.

We are grateful for the warm reception from parents and students in all locations.