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Aux 3 Pommes is a world languages school for all agesWe encourage a love of learning languages for both children and adults. Through our synergistic immersion-approach to teaching we strive to provide our students with a growing level of comfort in a foreign language. It is our goal to facilitate every student in his or her effort to become proficient in a second, third or fourth language.

We apply an imaginative, multi-sensory approach to learning. Moving beyond traditional memorization styles, our hands-on techniques support a fuller learning experience and a deeper embodiment of the language. Creative arts exercises, such as stories, music, games, crafts, movement, theater, dialogue and journaling, stimulate concentration and improve mental abilities and coordination. Our teachers are all fluent and intimately familiar if not native to cultures of a target language. Through an innovative and interactive process, students are absorbed in the awareness of new sounds and cultures, allowing them to maximize their potential for achievement. Aside from acquiring basic cognitive and linguistic skills, our students also gain increased confidence, greater communication abilities, and diversified social and economic opportunities.

We are dedicated to cultivating inner enthusiasm in our students. Our teachers are dynamic, our curriculum diverse and comprehensive. We are determined in our intention to nourish a lifelong love of learning, tolerance and openness within ourselves and others.